Currently: -17.8, Min: 5.7, Max: 17.3


Feels like: 17°C
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Today: 17.3°C (10:17 am) 5.7°C (3:28 am)
Yesterday: 14.0°C (12:00 am) 9.1°C (11:41 am)
Month: 27.3°C 2.8°C
Year: 40.6°C -1.7°C


Rain Today:0.0 mm

Rain Rate/hr:13107.0 mm

Yesterday:2.0 mm

This Month:0.0 mm

Season Total:0.0 mm



0.0 kts

0 Bft

0.0 kts

Gust today:
3.5 kts at 9:50 am


Sun:   sunrise  7:23 am sunset  5:08 pm

Daylight hh:mm 9:44 ( -1 minutes)

Moon:  moonrise  7:53 am moonset  10:31 pm

Waxing Crescent,  3% Illuminated

Humidity & Barometer

Humidity: %

Dew Point: 12.2°C

Barometer: 1109.6 hPa


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UV Index Forecast more information

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Exceptional Weather, Settled fine

Yr.no 2 day graphical forecast for Al's Bait & Tackle more information

Yr.no 2 day graphical forecast for Al's Bait & Tackle

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DateCurrent heightFreshMelt

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Eagle Rock Wind Information

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