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Fishing Report 19th August 2017

Hi Guys

That time of the season is upon us again. I will be opening the shop soon, very exited to get back to see you all again and will be back in full swing on the 1st of September. We have had some work done around the place including installing 2 new cleaning tables down in the rear car park. Thanks to Fisheries for the grant and the Warneet fishing club for there running of the project. These will be open soon just waiting on our fish waste bins to arrive from City of Casey and will be all ready to use.We also have had the car park topped up with stone to fill our winter potholes and our old drain in the front car park has been cleaned up. Pipes now underground and poles all reset in a new position, should make parking easier thanks to the City of Casey.

Also we have the new cameras up and going 24/7 fully recorded and off site video surveillance of our car park, entry, boat ramp, rear car park, channel and cleaning tables. This will soon be available for all to see, as I am making a new site for you all to see live cameras, live weather station, tide information, fishing reports linked with my Facebook page, competitions and specials. I hope to have this all ready for the 1st September. You will be able to use this on your phone or computer. I will let you all know went it’s up and going.

Also we are working together with parks Victoria, Vic Transport, Fisheries Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Boating Down Under, Warneet Foreshore Committee of Management and myself to address the chance of dredging from the boat ramp to the main channel markers, to make this an all access ramp. Also looking at extending the pontoon to make launching and retrieving easier. This has been on my wishlist from the day I took over here, it’s taken many calls to all these departments to plan a day we can all meet to address this. Everyone agreed to the meeting, we will be meeting this week. Fingers crossed all goes well, will keep you all up to date.

Look forward to seeing you all very soon,

Alan Sandford

Hi guys. I'm the owner of Al's Bait and Tackle. My aim is to provide good service, friendly experience with everything you need and helpful information for a great day on the water!

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